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Dedicated to the molecular diagnosis of inherited disorders affecting connective tissues.  CTGT helps health care professionals to accurately diagnose and improve quality of care for people with inherited connective tissue disorders.

CTGT has moved to a new location as of January 9th, 2014.

Our new address is:
6575 Snowdrift Road, Suite 106
Allentown, PA 18106


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altNext Generation Sequencing - Nine new panels available!

In addition to Sanger sequencing, Connective Tissue Gene Tests also offers Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). NGS is useful for disorders that can be caused by mutations in multiple genes. CTGT has a unique approach to NGS panels. Customizable panels are offered so that the submitting physician can order analysis of the genes most relevant to the patient's differential diagnosis. This approach provides the submitting physician considerable advantage over the large, unfocused and invariant panels offered by competing laboratories. The customized CTGT NGS panels require the selection of a minimum number of genes or alternatively, may be selected as preconfigured panels.

CTGT Offers:

  • The most comprehensive set of diagnostics available anywhere in the world.
  • Expert interpretation and analysis supported by superior, proprietary mutation databases.
  • State-of-the-art test sensitivity and accuracy – all designed by a leading authority in the field.
  • The fastest turn-around time offered in the industry.
  • Concise and clear reports that help you to quickly make the correct clinical decision.
  • Expert consultation and support.
  • Superior service in all aspects of our business – as rated by our clients.