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Dedicated to the molecular diagnosis of inherited disorders affecting connective tissues.  CTGT helps health care professionals to accurately diagnose and improve quality of care for people with inherited connective tissue disorders.

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Next Generation Sequencing

CTGT utilizes advanced technology and innovative, custom-designed software to perform next generation sequencing tests that surpass all expectations.  Our next generation sequencing panels provide Sanger quality data with a rapid turnaround time at reduced cost.

  • 100% coverage of targeted exons
  • Unsurpassed sensitivity for the detection of insertions and deletions
  • Complete selectivity in the presence of pseudogenes
  • Expert interpretation of test results

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CTGT offers 15 NGS panels for inherited connective tissue disorders, including:

 CTGT Offers:

  • The most comprehensive set of diagnostics available anywhere in the world.
  • Expert interpretation and analysis supported by superior, proprietary mutation databases.
  • State-of-the-art test sensitivity and accuracy – all designed by a leading authority in the field.
  • The fastest turn-around time offered in the industry.
  • Concise and clear reports that help you to quickly make the correct clinical decision.
  • Expert consultation and support.
  • Superior service in all aspects of our business – as rated by our clients.