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HNL Genomics (CTGT) does not provide consultation or genetic counseling services. If you are a patient interested in genetic testing, this is a decision best made between you and your doctor or genetic counselor. If you are unable to find a genetic counselor, the Find a Genetic Counselor tool provided by NSGC can help you locate a genetic counselor who offers services in your area, or via telehealth.

Any physician can order genetic testing including geneticists, cardiologists, OBGYNs, primary care providers, etc. However, your physician may not feel comfortable ordering genetic testing and may refer you to a specialized genetics doctor or genetic counselor who can help determine if you are a candidate for genetic testing.

All tests must be ordered by a physician and all results will be sent to the ordering physician. HNL Genomics (CTGT) does not provide Direct-to-Consumer testing.

HNL Genomics (CTGT) does not provide medical advice to patients. While we are always happy to explain our testing process, the best person to help you choose the right test for you is your doctor or genetic counselor. 

No, HNL Genomics (CTGT) accepts only accepts shipments on Mon-Fri, and observes all major holidays.


No, you will not need to return all 10 pages. You will only need to return page 1 (patient, physician, and billing information), page 10 (clinical history and prenatal information if applicable), and whichever page your test code is on. You do not need to return any pages that do not have a test code selected.

A completed test requisition form  must accompany each specimen. Additionally, if you would like HNL Genomics (CTGT) to perform a benefits investigation for the patient’s insurance, please include our prior authorization packet. Incomplete paperwork can lead to a delay in testing.

Please refer New York State Testing for information about sending samples from New York State.

Yes, HNL Genomics (CTGT) can send your patient an Oragene DNA Self-Collection Kit directly to their home address. Please contact HNL Genomics (CTGT) via 484-244-2900 or a secure form to set up saliva kit delivery.

Yes, HNL Genomics (CTGT) can perform diagnostic testing on any single gene or subset of genes in our NGS panels.

For any testing involving deletion/duplication analysis, including comprehensive testing, HNL Genomics (CTGT) strongly recommends that you provide a blood specimen. For targeted variant testing, HNL Genomics (CTGT) does not recommend one sample type over another. 

To order reflex testing, please clearly indicate on the test requisition the order you would like our testing performed in. Unclear orders may result in a delay in testing.

Please contact HNL Genomics (CTGT) via 484-244-2900 or  a secure form if you would like to discuss ordering additional testing on an existing sample.

HNL Genomics (CTGT) can accept whole blood, genomic DNA, fibroblasts, saliva, and cultured cells for testing within North America. For specimens outside of North America, HNL Genomics (CTGT) accepts genomic DNA. HNL Genomics (CTGT) does not recommend shipping whole blood or cultured cells form any locations other than the United States, Canada, or Mexico. Please see our specimens page for details on our specimen requirements.


For billing questions, please contact our billing experts at 844-465-2455 option 4 or contact your insurance company directly.

HNL Genomics (CTGT) can provide the institutional/self-pay price for individual tests over phone or email. Please contact us via 484-244-2900 or  a secure form  for all pricing inquiries. At this time, HNL Genomics (CTGT) is unable to provide insurance pricing or a fee schedule for all of our tests.

HNL is a Medicare participant and accepts Medicare assignment. You will be billed only for the co-payment requirement and/or deductibles as required by federal law.

Please view our Participating Insurance Plans listing. If your insurance is not listed, please contact one of our billing representatives at 1-844-HNL-BILL for verification of HNL Lab Medicine participation, or contact the insurance company directly. HNL Lab Medicine  will directly bill your primary insurance company.

HNL Genomics (CTGT) accepts Self Pay, institutional billing, and certain insurance plans.


Please contact HNL Genomics (CTGT) via 484-244-2900 or a secure form. Our experts would be happy to assist you with all questions regarding your patient’s report.

Please contact HNL Genomics (CTGT) via 484-244-2900 or a secure form  if you have not received your patient’s test report.
Prior Authorization

Yes! If you complete the Clinical History Form, we can attempt the process for you. Authorization)

Please contact HNL Genomics (CTGT) via 484-244-2900 or Authorization). Our experts would be happy to assist you with all questions regarding Prior Authorization.

Clinical coverage reviews will be based on third party clinical policy requirements for coverage. These policies include clinical criteria and information about coverage eligibility for related services. If a request needs review or requires additional clinical information, we will contact the ordering health care professional.

Prior Authorization, also known as a pre-authorization or pre-certification, is a clause in the health insurance policy that says the patient must get permission from their health insurance company before they receive certain health care services which includes specialized laboratory testing. This process was developed to help ordering health care professionals, laboratories and their patients receive a quicker coverage determination by giving them information: If a member’s benefit plan requires prior authorization. When additional clinical information is required to make a coverage decision. Whether the request meets third party’s clinical and coverage policy criteria.

Specialized laboratory testing that requires Prior Authorization can usually be found on the health plan’s website or by calling the health plan directly. Many genetic and molecular tests require Prior Authorization for outpatient services.

The health care professional who is ordering the testing is responsible for obtaining Prior Authorization for the specialized laboratory test. If the health care professional’s office does not obtain the necessary Prior Authorization before testing, the patient will be responsible for payment, which can range in cost from just under one hundred dollars to thousands of dollars based on the test ordered.

The American Medical Association (AMA) Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes published by HNL Lab Medicine are guidelines and are intended for informational purposes only. CPT coding is the exclusive responsibility of the billing entity. HNL Lab Medicine strongly recommends confirmation of CPT codes with third-party payors and/or the AMA. We assume no responsibility for billing errors due to reliance upon CPT codes provided by HNL Lab Medicine.


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The Effect of Genetics on Individual Heart Health: Early Identification of FH Variations to Optimize Treatment

Test must be ordered by a Physician.

Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) is a genetic disorder that is characterized by abnormally high blood levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, sometimes referred to as "bad cholesterol". This condition affects an estimated 1 in 250 people, and increases the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease. In fact, FH is estimated to be the cause of 2-3% of heart attacks in individuals younger than age 60.

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