Leena Ala-Kokko, M.D., Ph.D.

President and Director of Research, Development and Technology

Dr. Ala-Kokko is a leading authority in the molecular biology of connective tissue disorders, and has more than twenty-five years of research experience in the field. She has published more than one hundred fifty scientific articles and has been invited to present her work throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. During her career, Dr. Ala-Kokko has held concurrent full professorships at universities in the United States and in Europe. She has received 15 grants and has mentored 18 students through their doctoral thesis studies. Dr. Ala-Kokko is the recipient of numerous prestigious science awards and professional merits.

Dr. Ala-Kokko is responsible for research, development and technology at CTGT, and oversees the design of all tests performed by the organization.

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James Hyland, M.D., Ph.D.

CEO and Medical Director

Dr. Hyland has board certifications in anatomical pathology, clinical pathology, and hematopathology. He has completed two postdoctoral fellowships in laboratories focused on the molecular biology of connective tissue and has worked as a hematopathologist, a clinical pathologist and as the director of a connective tissue diagnostic laboratory in an academic institution. Dr. Hyland serves as the medical director of CTGT.

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Kerry Kocher Brown, Ph.D., FACMG

Associate Medical Director

Dr. Brown is board certified in clinical molecular genetics and clinical cytogenetics by the American Board of Medical Genetics. She earned her PhD in genetics from Harvard Medical School where she investigated genetic causes of hearing loss. She completed a fellowship in clinical laboratory genetics through the Harvard Medical School Genetics Training Program, which included molecular genetics training at the Partners Healthcare Laboratory for Molecular Medicine, cytogenetics training at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Cytogenetics Laboratory, and research in the field of cardiovascular genetics. Dr. Brown is a fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) and has served on the ACMG Laboratory Quality Assurance Committee, where she assisted in the development of guidelines for interpretation of copy number variation and for implementation of next generation sequencing technologies in clinical laboratories. Dr. Brown is the Associate Medical Director at CTGT.

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Xiangwen Chen-Deutsch, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Medical Director

Dr. Chen-Deutsch joined CTGT in July 2016 after completing a Clinical Molecular Genetics fellowship at the Institute of Genomic Medicine in New Jersey Medical School at Rutgers University, where she focused on cancer genetics testing. Dr. Chen-Deutsch earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Pathology from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and a M.D. from Nanjing Medical University in China. During her research career she studied a variety of topics, including innate immunity in human lung infections, induction of differentiation in human leukemia cells, and low dose ionizing radiation-induced DNA damage recognition/repair in human cells. Before Dr. Chen-Deutsch came to U.S. to pursue her Ph.D., she was a Laboratory Medicine Pathologist in China. Dr. Chen-Deutsch is the Assistant Medical Director at CTGT.

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